Media – Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackadu



Issues such as climate change, global warming, biodiversity and nuclear waste, and the decisions taken in relation to them, are greatly influenced by the media. The media is a fundamental part of the public sphere and functions as an arena as well as a stakeholder.

We hear the call of the Earth. The caring for life on Earth is a spiritual commitment. People and other species have the right to life unthreatened by human greed and destructiveness. Pollution, particularly from the energy-intensive wealthy industrialized countries, is warming the atmosphere. A warmer atmosphere is leading to major climate changes. The poor and vulnerable in the world and future generations will suffer the most. We commit ourselves to help reduce the threat of climate change through actions in our own lives, pressure on governments and industries, and standing in solidarity with those most affected by climate change. We provide the parishes with intellectual and spiritual resources designed to promote awareness of the links between the environment and Christian faith.

Prof Dr MATHEW KOSHY PUNNACKADU is an Environmental Scientist, Environmental writer and Environmental activist. He has been actively involving in many issues related to environmental conservation. In 1990’s, he initiated the Green Church Movement in India. He considers caring for life on Earth is a spiritual commitment.

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