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Christians, at least in part, seem to be responsible for the present environmental crisis, primarily because of their misunderstanding of the scripture. Jesus Christ, our saviour, guide, and mentor, tells us to repent, love God and our neighbour. The concept of neighbour include the whole creation. Just as we meet Christ in our human neighbour, we meet Christ in every part of creation. In all aspects of its life, the Eco-Church fellowship will strive to re-establish the fundamental spiritual relationship of humanity with God, the Earth and all its creatures. A basic tenet of its evangelism is found in II Corinthians 5:19 which reads, “God is reconciling the whole world — or cosmos — through Christ.”

We encourage parishes to incorporate ecological concerns in their order of worship and include both advocacy and direct action for social justice and the integrity of creation in missional activities. We encourage the active participation of our fellow Christians, and all people of good will through prayer, partnership, and involvement, which will help humanity to return to an eco-friendly life style.

As an environmental scientist, Prof Dr MATHEW KOSHY PUNNACKADU published 24 research articles in national and international science journals. In order to provide Eco- theological literatures to Churches, he authored ten eco- theological books and edited twelve eco-theological books.

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